Today, I'm going to take a look at the peculiar GoGang series.

What really bothers me about GoGang is the writing. And it should be your main problem about it, too. Seriously, every character has the same personality. Another problem is how the gang likes to put themselves into deep crap a lot but suddenly pull out a giant save-the-day weapon when they're about to lose their lives. Even a kid who is yet to be potty trained can come up with writing a lot better than that. Think about it.

Some of the characters can turn out as self-absorbed jerks or have the personality of a rock. Most, if not all, of them are good examples of a Marty-Stu or Mary-Sue.

The plots are bland, yet they sometimes are treated as if they are better than the lightbulb. The episodes usually revolve around Igor's perverted antics, a character turning edgy, unnecessary crossovers, or a villain that belongs to Johnny Test trying to kill the GoGang. 

The humor is unoriginal. An example of the "jokes" are:

  • Perverted writing mainly done by Igor or Pingy (especially Igor)
  • A childish pun
  • An unneeded reference

So far, I'll give GoGang a 1/10.

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