Hello everyone, and welcome to a new show called That's What I Call Hypocrisy! (Cue jazz music)

Be amazed by how hypocritical some people can be on the web!

Note: This Creation Wiki blog show is not intended to attack any of the fellow users below. This is made just for fun. If you like any of these users, good for you!

Round 1

First, take a look at this description: "The Loud Sisters are mad at the most brutally show 1000 Ways to Die because they think it is so disgusting and rather watch Happy Tree Friends than this nasty show."

Wait a minute, isn't Happy Tree Friends as gory as 1000 Ways to Die? So, in this scenario, does that imply that they hate a TV show showcasing death in detail, yet they like a flash animated show where cutesy animals get killed in brutal fashions? Congratulations! This deserves the Hypocrisy Ribbon! Give it a round of applause!

Well, that wraps things up for our premiere! For Round 2, suggest me a piece of hypocritical information from the site that I'd like to cover.

Good night, folks!