• Plankton5165

    This originally started on September 1, 2015.

    [TV loads the results for who will compete.]

    Starscream: "What? Now Optimus Prime is on my team!"

    Future Orange: "Hey! There's Midget Apple and Needy!"

    Midget Apple: "That's Little Apple!"

    Needle: (slaps Future Orange) "Don't call me Needy!"

    Snowball: "Shut it!"

    Amy: "Anyway, the first contest-"

    Eraser: "Which is..." (complete silence)

    Amy: "To start, all contestants must enter their teams' fields." (All contestants do so)

    Amy: "So, the first contest is to have all of its teammates reach a disco ball that is 40 feet high. Whichever team is first to do so will win a prize. Whichever team is last to do so will be up for elimination! Go."

    Leafy: "OK. So Gemma. You can teleport all team members to the disco b…

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