This originally started on September 1, 2015.

Episode 1: "40-Year Revival"

[TV loads the results for who will compete.]

Starscream: "What? Now Optimus Prime is on my team!"

Future Orange: "Hey! There's Midget Apple and Needy!"

Midget Apple: "That's Little Apple!"

Needle: (slaps Future Orange) "Don't call me Needy!"

Snowball: "Shut it!"

Amy: "Anyway, the first contest-"

Eraser: "Which is..." (complete silence)

Amy: "To start, all contestants must enter their teams' fields." (All contestants do so)

Amy: "So, the first contest is to have all of its teammates reach a disco ball that is 40 feet high. Whichever team is first to do so will win a prize. Whichever team is last to do so will be up for elimination! Go."

Leafy: "OK. So Gemma. You can teleport all team members to the disco ball." (Gemma does so. TV's Screen: 1-Green) (Catherine does the same to her team. TV's Screen: 2-Purple)

Pin: "Can we use trainer's Pokémon?"

Amy: "Yes."

Pin: "So, Ethan, you have Ho-Oh and Lugia, right?"

Sam Star: "What is yellow square doing here?" (grabs SpongeBob and throws him to the disco ball)

Eraser: "What was that for?"

Sam Star: "Does pink rectangle wanna go up there too?" (throws Eraser) "What is Big Nose doing here?" (throws Squilliam)

Nicole: "Wow, thanks, Sam." (Sam throws Nicole)

(Donkey Kong throws Woody at the disco ball)

(All red team members touch the disco ball from Lugia and Ho-Oh. Red in 3.)

May: "Everybody! Get onto Rayquaza!" (All pink team members touch the disco ball from Puffball. Pink in 4.)

N: "We will be getting on-"

Snowball: "Shut it!"

N: "Do you wanna be up for voting?"

Snowball: "Of course not!"

(Giant Gold tries to aim for the disco ball, but ends up throwing Flower and Tennis Ball against the wall)

Yellow Face: "Hold on. How is Giant Gold gonna reach there?"

(All members of team 6 are touching the disco ball from Rayquaza) (Orange in 5.)

Golf Ball: "Needy!" (Needle slaps Golf Ball, throwing him to Optimum Prime's arm. Optimus Prime throws Golf Ball at the disco ball.) (Grey in 6.)

(Sonic touches the Disco Ball on Ash's Talonflame, Nicole swings Metal Sonic with her mallet, sending him to the disco ball.) (Blue in 7.)

Donut: (falling to the ground) "Hold on? How is Donkey Kong gonna reach it?" (Funky Kong throws Donkey Kong at the disco ball) (Brown in 8.)

(Cool Black explodes Bomb, reaching the disco ball, while Bengal touches the disco ball from Lysandre's Honchkrow.) (Black in 9.)

(Snowball throws Marshmallow at the disco ball, while Pen touches it on N's Archeops. White in 10 and Yellow in 11.)

Giant Gold: "Where is everybody?"

Plankton5165: "Your team is up for elimination! Viewers, do not comment to vote. Instead, vote in the polls below. You can vote for as many characters as you want. One character will be eliminated. One will join the game."

Episode 2: "Immune to Spells"

Yellow Face: "Hey! It's you again!"

Amy: "That's right. I'm here to tell you that your team came in last. Let's go to the elimination center to see who will be the first one eliminated."

(Scene cuts to the elimination area)

(TV shows the results. Grapefruit, Spongy, and Giant Gold are at 0 likes, Yellow Face, Lightbulb, and Stuart Minion are at 1 like, Tennis Ball, SpongeBob, Starlow, and Flower are at 2 likes, and Emmy Altava is at 3 likes.)

(TV shows the prize. Emmy Altava receives 30 hint coins.)

Match: "Wow, Emmy. 30 hint coins? OMG, I wish I had that many hint coins."

Amy: "Anyway, I have 10 one-dollar coins. One of you will not get one. If you don't, you'll be the first one eliminated."

Plankton5165: "Tennis Ball, you received 0 dislikes."

(Tennis Ball gets the coin)

Tennis Ball: "Yay!"

Plankton5165: "Also safe at 0 votes is all females, with the exception of Lightbulb."

(All females besides Lightbulb on team 11 catch the coins)

Flower: "Yes!"

Plakton5165: "SpongeBob, you're also safe at zero."

(SpongeBob catches the coin)

Plankton5165: "Stuart Minion, you are safe at one dislike."

Grapefruit: "What about me?"

Plankton5165: "You're also safe at one dislike. So is Lightbulb and Yellow Face."

Plankton5165: "Giant Gold, you are vice versa in here. You are eliminated with 4 dislikes."

(Spongy catches a coin)

(Giant Gold is teleported from the floor)

Yellow Face: "Hold on. Where is he going?"

Plankton5165: "He's going to the ROFL."

Yellow Face: "What's so funny?"

Plankton5165: "Um, nothing."

(Giant Gold gets sent to the Rooftop of Losers)

Amy: "Now let's see who will join the game."

(TV shows the results. Liam the Leprechaun, Mulan, and Vector the Crocodile are at 1 vote each. Sabrina-Brunetta Spears, Pear, and Zack are at 0 votes.)

Plankton5165: "Well, there is a three way tie for first place, so we need a tiebreaker."

(Cages fall on the characters that received votes)

Amy: "Whoever manages to escape from the cage first wins. Go."

(Liam teleports to leave the cage)

Amy: "And Liam is joining the game. The second contest is to break the crystals. Whichever team breaks all their crystals first wins a new player onto their team, and whoever is last to do so will be up for elimination. Go!"

(Optimus Prime and Starscream both easily destroy the crystals)

Golf Ball: "So here's the plan-"

Amy: "What do you mean? Your team already won, and will be expecting a new player next episode."

Salli: "Wait, can we use Bomby to break the crystals?"

Simon: "Sure."

(Salli picks up Bomby)

Bomby: "Oh no!"

(Bomby hits the crystals and explodes them)

Amy: "The black characters get immunity."

(Gemma tries to cast a spell on the crystals)

Gemma: "What? It didn't do anything!"

Amy: "The crystals are immune to spells!"

(Nicole uses her mallet to break crystals)

(Ho-Oh burns the crystals with its attack)

Plankton5165: "Blue and red are also immune."

Grapefruit: "Hey Marshmallow! Check it out!"

Marshmallow: "Oh! That's another picture of Princess Butterfly Kiss!"

Grapefruit: "That's right!" (lights the picture on fire)

(Sam Star grabs the crystals and throws them, causing them to break)

Firey: "Guys, I can burn the crystals." (he does so)

Bookworm Green: "Gelatin, you can freeze the contestants, right?"

Gelatin: "On it!" (he does so, freezing all other contestants that have yet to win, besides whichever contestants are on Gelatin's team, however they all thaw out quickly)

Blaze: "I can burn the crystals, too!" (she does so)

Marshmallow: "Nobody hurts Princess Butterfly Kiss!"

(The yellow and white crystals shatter)

Amy: "White and yellow are both safe!"

(Sam Star shatters her team's final crystal, while the Purple and Orange crystals are already burned out)

Plankton5165: "There's only one spot for immunity left."

Liam: "What? One spot left?" (Liam disappears, he tries to take the crystals with him, but fails)

Amy: "I told you earlier, the crystals are immune to spells."

(Book takes Gelatin's freeze juice)

Book: "Well you are immune to being warm!"

(Book tries to throw freeze juice at Amy, however, the freeze juice just stops in its direction before it could hit her)

(Donkey Kong shatters the final crystal)

Amy: "Brown wins immunity."

Plankton5165: "Book, because you tried to freeze one of the hosts, you get a penalty."

Amy: "You have to hold this sign." (Amy gives book a "VOTE ME OUT" sign)

Plankton5165: "I'm also gonna multiply your votes by two. Voters, you can vote on as many characters as you want. The person with the most dislikes will be eliminated. One character will join the game."

Episode 3: "Revenge Of The Giant Plankton Monster 2"

Amy: "It's time for the elimination."

(TV shows the prize results. Gelatin, Test Tube, Book, Buttercup, and Liam the Leprechaun have 0 likes, Brittany Soler, Taco, Leafy, Bookworm Green, and Gemma the Good Witch are at 1 like, Plankton and Luigi are tied at 2 likes.)

Amy: "Plankton and Luigi, whoever crosses through the miniature path wins the prize. Go."

(Plankton just goes ahead through the miniature path)

Plankton: "I win! What's my prize?"

Plankton5165: "I'm going to change your size." (he does so, making Plankton monster-sized)

Plankton: "Yes!"

(Cut to the elimination)

Amy: "I have 10 medallions. If you do not get one, you will be sent to the ROFL."

Plankton5165: "You know what that means? You're immediately put out of the contest. Brittany Soler, you received 0 dislikes." (A medallion is thrown at Brittany Soler)

Amy: "Also safe at 0 votes... is all girls... except Book." (Leafy, Buttercup, Gemma, Test Tube, and Taco get medallions)

Taco: "Sour cream!"

Amy: "Luigi and Plankton, you two are also safe at 0." (the two people get medallions)

Plankton5165: "The next person safe is Book... worm Green. He is also safe with no dislikes." (Bookworm Green is flung a medallion)

Amy: "As for the bottom 3, you all got at least one vote. Let's show the votes."

(TV is showing the dislikes of Book, Gelatin, and Liam the Leprechaun. Gelatin and Liam's dislikes both stop at 1, while Book's dislikes stop at 2, but then change to 4.) (Gelatin and Liam get medallions. Book is teleported into the ROFL.)

Amy: "Now let's find out who will join the game."

(Cut to the joining area with Courtney, Megatron, Proto Man, Rocky, Wikstrom, and Yandere Simulator Teacher.)

Plankton5165: "Only one of you got votes. And that person is... Yandere Simulator Teacher, who is at 1 vote."

Amy: "The third challenge is to throw a team member to the push button in the team's wall. First team to do so will win a player, and the last team to do so will be up for elimination. Go."

(Snowball throws Longator.) (Screen: 1-White)

(Starlow flies to the wall, however Gelatin throws a syringe at Starlow.)

(Liam teleports to the push button.) (Screen: 2-Green)

(Nicole uses her mallet to fling Ash Ketchum.) (Screen: 3-Blue)

(Catherine the Spellcaster teleports.) (Screen: 4-Purple)

(Salli hits Bomby, throwing her to the wall.) (Screen: 5-Black)

(Donkey Kong throws Woody) (Screen: 6-Brown)

(Puffball makes it to the wall) (Screen: 7-Pink)

Golf Ball: "Hey Needy!"

Needle: (slap Golf Ball) "Don't call me Needy!" (Screen: 8-Grey)

(Tails and Balloon are still above the push button. Tails eventually makes it.) (Screen: 9-Orange)

(Balloon later makes it.) (Screen: 10-Red and 11-Yellow.)

Amy: "That's it! Lightbulb's team is up for elimination. But the viewers won't decide who will be eliminated. Snowball's team will."

Yin: "Yes!"

Yang: "No!"

Amy: "Viewers, no voting is necessary for this episode."

Episode 4: "Five Powers of 11"

(SpongeBob's team is chatting among themselves)

MePhone4S: "Shut up and listen to me! It's time for the elimination!"

(SpongeBob's team walks to the elimination area)

Amy: "I have 10 boomerangs. One of you will not get one. If you don't, for you, the competition is going to end. MePhone4S, you get to choose who will get the prize."

Grapefruit: "What? He's not an official host!"

Amy: "Actually, he is."

MePhone4S: "Thanks Amy, and as for you Grapefruit, stop arguing! Moving on, I choose Flower to get the prize."

Flower: "Yes!"

Plankton5165: "Her speaker box will be an official host, bringing the count to 5. MePhone4S will also choose which team member will join Snowball's team."

MePhone4S: "OK. I choose Yandere-chan."

Flower Speaker Box: "Good choice!"

Plankton5165: "Anyway, I'm letting all 12 members of Team Splashed White choose a member of Team Arylide Yellow to be eliminated."

SpongeBob and Spongy: (to each other) "Hey, it's me!"

Cooper: "There's two of you? I vote for Spongy."

Hilda: "I vote Flower. She shouldn't have even gotten the prize."

Flower: "Grr! You better not pick on my owner, or else you will automatically be eliminated!"

MePhone4S: "I agree! Anyway, it's Longator's turn to vote."

Longator: "Um, Spongy!"

Marshmallow: "I vote Grapefruit because he burned my picture of Princess Butterflykiss!"

N: "I'm going to vote Starlow. She has the ability to fly."

Owen: "I vote for Spongy."

Paper: "I agree. Spongy!"

Pen: "I vote for Flower."

Snowball: "Me too!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Grr!"

Whitney: "I'm voting for Spongy!"

Yandere-chan: "So will I."

Yin: "Well, I should choose Spongy."

Yang: "No, I choose SpongeBob!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Spongy, at 6 votes, you are eliminated!"

(Spongy is sent to the ROFL)

Amy: "The fourth contest is a 55-pin bowling contest."

Blocky: "Yay!"

Plankton5165: "Since armless characters cannot bowl, they will automatically get a score of 35."

Yellow Face: "Yay!"

Amy: "For every pin you knock down, you get one point. Whichever team gets the highest average score wins the contest. The lowest scoring team will be up for elimination. We will go in alphabetical order, starting with Team Almost Black. Benga is first."

(Benga throws the ball, scoring 44 pins)

Bomby: (throws the ball, knocking down 9 pins) "Oh no!"

(Cool Black throws his ball and scores 24 points)

(Title card: approximately 80 minutes later...)

MePhone4S: "That's it! Let's show all average scores!"

(TV shows all average scores of all teams, one team at a time in alphabetical order)

Amy: "Team Electric Green got the lowest score, and will be up for elimination."

Plankton5165: "With the exception of Plankton and Brittany Soler. They are immune for knocking down all 55 pins."

Brittany and Plankton: "Yes!"

MePhone4S: "Viewers, vote right now!"

Flower Speaker Box: "The contestant with the most votes will be eliminated!"

Episode 5: "The Harshest Comeback Mini"

(Bubble is reading How To Be Dumb)

(The Flower Speaker Box falls on Bubble, popping her)

Flower Speaker Box: "It's time for elimination for the team that got the lowest score!"

(All members of Leafy's team walk over to the elimination center)

MePhone4S: "We got a total of 16 votes, OK? That's the same as last time! Anyway, the prizes this time are Krabby Patty Recipes!"

SpongeBob: (gasps) "Krabby Patty Recipes?!"

Amy B.: "Oh well. Mr. Krabs refuses to give money all the time. Hey, where are they?"

MePhone4S: "Oh yeah! Siri!"

Siri: "Yes, master?"

MePhone4S: "Get me 10 copies of the Krabby Patty Formula! Now!"

Siri: "Processing Krabby Patty Formulas..." (does so)

Flower Speaker Box: "Now we have the Krabby Patty Formulas! Plankton and Brittany, you two won immunity last episode, so you both get Krabby Patty Formulas!"

(SpongeBob jumps to aim for the Flower Speaker Box)

Brittany: "Gelatin! Throw a syringe at SpongeBob!"

Gelatin: "On it!" (does so, falling SpongeBob to the ground)

Bryce: "Whoever has immunity doesn't have two eyes! Plankton has half the number of eyes we have, Brittany has twice the number of eyes we have!"

MePhone4S: "Shut up!"

Sherman: "You're a four eyes too!"

Teddy: "The talking metal box also has one eye!"

Amy B.: "OK. I guess I'll let you three join the game."

Bryce: "Really?"

Amy B.: "As bosses."

Teddy: "Ha ha!"

Plankton5165: "You're gonna be meant to be taken down."

Sherman: "We'll see about that!"

Amy B.: "Anyways, Brittany and Plankton, here are your Krabby Patty Formulas." (Flower Speaker Box throws two of them)

(Brittany catches one)

Plankton: (catches the other) "Yes! Finally!" (laughs menacingly)

(SpongeBob is still frozen, his tears fall to the ground)

Amy B.: "Why don't I feel bad at all?" (TV shows the prize votes) "Luigi won the prize again! He gets immunity into episode 10. Now let's show the elimination votes." (TV shows the votes)

Flower Speaker Box: "Buttercup is eliminated!" (flings the other 8 Krabby Patty Formulas to the other team members)

Amy B.: "So, we need to send her to the ROFL."

(Buttercup gets teleported to the ROFL)

(SpongeBob thaws out, and cries a fountain of tears)

MePhone4S: "Quit cryin' like a baby! Anyway, the next contest is deadly and hilarious, especially when people die!"

(SpongeBob tries to spray a blast of tears into the Flower Speaker Box, but she dodges it.)

Brittany: "Gelatin, throw another syringe!" (he does so, freezing SpongeBob) "Thank you."

Amy B.: "Moving on, in the next contest, Shauntal's team won last time, so they do not compete. They will just get immunity."

Eraser: "But what is the contest?"

Plankton5165: "We're getting to that right now!"

Amy B.: "OK. TV will generate 10 contestants, one from each team. Here we go. So Taco, you are going to fight with Future Orange."

Plankton5165: "Yandere Simulator Teacher, you're battling with Yandere-chan. Bomby is going to battle with Emmy Altava."

Amy B.: "The other two battles are between Bubble and Blocky, and Sam Star and Woody."

MePhone4S: "OK, the challenge is to defeat the other player. Let's start with Taco and Future Orange."

Future Orange: "Hey Taco, can you spit seeds?"

Taco: "What?"

Future Orange: "Like this." (does so at Taco, Taco spits a lemon at Future Orange)

(Taco and Future Orange keep repeating their attacks, Taco later wins)

Amy B.: "Taco wins!"

(Yandere-chan tries to stab Yandere Simulator Teacher)

Yankee Simulator Teacher: "Just what do you think you're doing?" (puts Yandere-chan to the ground)

Amy B.: "The teacher wins."

(Emmy Altava picks up Bomby)

Bomby: "Oh no!"

(Emmy Altava throws Bomby, causing him to explode, however no major damage is done)

MePhone4S: "Emmy Altava wins!"

(Blocky instantly pops bubble)

MePhone4S: "Blocky wins too!"

(Sam Star throws Woody, who falls to the grass making a hole)

MePhone4S: "Sam Star wins!"

Amy B.: "The challenge is done. Blocky, you won the challenge the quickest, so you get a reward. You get to choose a seventh team to also have immunity."

Blocky: "OK, I'm going to choose Pen's team."

Amy B.: "Good choice! So that leaves four teams up for elimination. Viewers, you can vote as many contestants as you want, so vote on all of them!"

Flower Speaker Box: "The top two vote getters will be eliminated!"

Episode 6: "Return of the Death Trap"

Nicole: "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Flower Speaker Box: "I'm here to remind you that you, as well as 40+ other contestants are up for elimination! Let's go to the elimination place to see which two contestants will be eliminated!"

(Scene cuts to the elimination area)

MePhone4S: "We got 56 prize votes, OK? That's a lot more than any time!"

(TV shows the prize votes)

Amy B.: "Nicole and Leshawna both get great prizes. Nicole, you get elemental mallets. Leshawna, you get immunity not episode 26."

Leshawna: "You mean the final round, right?"

Amy B.: "We'll get to that later. Moving on, the prizes this time are club pieces."

Nicole: "Hold on. The most you can get is 25. You need 43."

Match: "Yeah, it is like impossible."

MePhone4S: "Nicole and Match, your votes have been multiplied by 2!"

Nicole: "Hey! You can't do that!"

MePhone4S: "I just did! I'm changing your multiplier to 3! Siri!"

Siri: "Yes, master?"

MePhone4S: "Get me 43 club pieces!" (Siri does so) "Now we have the club pieces!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Now let's show the votes!"

(TV is showing the dislikes. Woody screams, noticing his dislikes bar increasing, but has a relief when it stops at 1. Flannery and Murray's bars stop at 2 and Kumi's bar stops at 4. TV makes a blaringly loud ringing sound)

(Flower Speaker Box flings 42 club pieces to the safe contestants)

MePhone4S: "Even with Match's dislikes multiplied by 2, and Nicole's multiplied by 3, they still both have 0. So Kumi, you are eliminated at 4 votes. Flannery and Murray are tied at 2 votes, so we need a tie breaker. Murray and Flannery, whoever defeats their perspective Piranha Plant first is safe and the other one is eliminated! Go!"

Flannery: "Mag, go!" (shift Mag) "Use Flamethrower!" (Mag does so, burning Piranha Plant)

Plankton5165: "Flannery wins, so she gets a club piece." (Flannery captures a club piece) "And Murray will be eliminated." (Murray gets teleported to the ROFL)

MePhone4S: "The sixth contest is to go through my death trap!"

Amy B.: "A team must have at least one of its members make it through the death trap to complete the challenge. Whichever teams get a member killed before they could safely send a player there will be up for elimination. Go."

(Puffball flies over the death trap)

(Catherine the Spellcaster and Liam the Leprechaun teleport to the goal)

(Cool Black explodes Bomby to the goal)

(Mario jumps Balloon to the air, Balloon only moves slowly)

Balloon: "Oh, come on!"

Golf Ball: "Hey Needy!"

Needle: (slaps Golf Ball to the goal) "Don't call me Needy!"

(Snowball throws Marshmallow to the goal)

Marshmallow: "Whee!" (hits the goal) "Yay!"

(Donkey Kong throws Woody to the goal)

(Starlow flies over the death trap)

(Nicole uses her fire mallet to destroy the crusher, blades, and spikes, and the water mallet to destroy the match, and makes it through)

(The death trap gets repaired)

MePhone4S: "Every time the death trap gets damaged, it gets repaired!"

Firey: "Don't worry, guys! I can burn the obstacles!" (he does so, and makes it to the goal)

(Balloon later lands on the goal)

Plankton5165: "You all made it through MePhone4S's death trap."

Amy B.: "Hold on! Cool Black, you killed Bomby. I said if any of your team members gets killed, your team would be up for elimination."

MePhone4S: "So yeah! Viewers! Vote on all of the members of Lysandre's team!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Whoever gets the most dislikes will be eliminated!"

Episode 7: "Orange Finally Meets His Match"

Future Orange: "Hey Needle! Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

Needle: "No."

Future Orange: (screams) "Needy!!!!"

(Needle slaps Future Orange)

Needle: "Don't call me Needy!"

(TV shows the prize results, and the prize Bomby, Dawn, Dark Boomboxer, and Eric Gavin receive is shown. The prize is immunity into round 16.)

MePhone4S: "The prizes this time are Goomba Coins!"

Nicole: "What? They aren't even real!"

MePhone4S: "Oh yeah? Siri! 10 Goomba Coins! Now!"

Siri: "Processing Goomba Coins..." (does so)

(TV shows the elimination votes)

Flower Speaker Box: "Cool Black, at four votes, you are eliminated!" (flings Goomba Coins to the saved team members)

(Cool Black is sent to ROFL)

Amy B.: "Anyway, I'm giving all of you immunity. To start the next contest-"

Eraser: "Which is...?" (Complete silence)

Amy B.: "OK. You must pair up."

(Title card: A few minutes later...)

Amy B.: "Now that you all have nominated the players with the best chance of winning, you will choose between four contests."

Flower Speaker Box: "You can choose between Trivia, Brick Breaking, Sky Drop, and Maze!"

(Title card: About a minute later...)

Flower Speaker Box: "Now that you all have chosen, let's start with the Trivia contest!"

Amy B.: "You will do a 25-question quiz. For every question you and your partner gets correct, you get one point. Emmy Altava is on her own, so her score is doubled. Whoever gets the highest score wins a prize."

Flower Speaker Box: "Go!"

(Yandere-chan grabs Knife)

Knife: "Hey! Put me down!"

(Yandere-chan goes to the room and tries to stab the teacher, but gets easily stopped)

Yandere Simulator Teacher: "Just what do you think you're doing?" (puts Yandere-chan down to the ground)

Amy B.: "Yandere-chan and Knife, why are you here? You're not doing the challenge!"

Knife: "What? It's that schoolgirl's fault!"

Brittany: "We're both done."

Amy B.: "That's good to know."

Salli: "We're also done."

Amy B.: "Wow! GoAnimate characters are ahead!"

Bookworm Green: "I'm not a GoAnimate character!"

MePhone4S: "Shut up!"

Amy B.: "Well, that is true."

MePhone4S: "Shut up!"

Amy B.: "Oh, really?! Why don't you just get out?!"

MePhone4S: "No! I'm sorry! Please! Please!"

Amy B.: "OK, but you need to quit being rude to the other hosts. Looks like everyone is done."

(TV shows the results, one at a time. Salli & Simon scored 19, Grapefruit & Yellow Face scored 29, Leshawna & Mona scored 29, Sky & Fantina scored 30, Cooper & N scored 36, Giovanni & Yandere Simulator Teacher scored 36, Emmy Altava scored 24, doubled to 48, Brittany Soler & Bookworm Green scored 50.)

Amy B.: "With the first contest done, it's time for the brick breaking contest! The objective is to break bricks hanging from trees 30 feet high. Go."

(Sam Star gets onto Puffball and shatters the bricks)

Nicole: "Ash, do you have any Psychic Pokémon?"

(Donkey Kong throws Woody, cutting the ropes)

Golf Ball: "Hey Needy!"

Needle: (slaps Golf Ball) "Don't call me Needy!" (Golf ball cuts the ropes)

MePhone4S: "That's it! Now it's time for the Sky Drop! You will all fall into those holes!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Whichever team is last to touch the rubber floor will win the prize! Go!"

(Pin gets on Balloon, who falls slowly)

(Sonic and Metal Sonic dive together)

(Snowball and Paper dive together, then hang on poles)

Snowball: "It's slippery!"

(Sonic and Metal Sonic are the first to land on the floor)

(Snowball and Paper land on the floor)

(All floors elevate to the hole's level)

Balloon: "Oh, come on!"

MePhone4S: "The final challenge is the maze challenge! All you have to do is make it out of the maze! That's it! You will be distracted by obstacles!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Go!"

(Gelatin throws his syringes at the obstacles)

(Dark Boomboxer explodes Bomby to put out the obstacle)

Plankton5165: "Your team has already lost! But who will win the prize?"

(Leafy and Gelatin made it out first)

MePhone4S: "Leafy and Gelatin win too! That's it!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Oh, and teams who placed last, you win a great prize! You and your categories are all up for elimination!"

Salli: "But didn't you give us immunity?"

Amy: "Yes, but we took it back, 'cause you guys placed last. Viewers, the voting system has been renovated. Vote on the members of the losing categories. For one of them, the competition will be officially discontinued. Voting ends on Sunday at 5:00 PM GMT."

Episode 8: "Triplet Terror"

Balloon: "Amy!"

Amy B.: "What?"

Balloon: "What's my prize?"

Amy B.: "Last episode, you and Pin won the third challenge, so you, like the other winners, get to choose the new teams."

Balloon: "All right!"

Flower Speaker Box: "There will be two team captains on four teams. Brittany Soler and Bookworm Green get to choose first."

Balloon: "How come they get to choose first? What about me?!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Well, Bookworm Green and Brittany Soler won the first challenge, so they get to choose first!"

Brittany: "I choose Nicole Jennings!"

Sam Star: "I choose brubber's best friend, yellow square!"

Puffball: "You mean SpongeBob?"

Balloon: "Well, let's choose Bomby."

Leafy: "Let's choose Teardrop, OK?"

Amy B.: "Back to Brittany's team."

Nicole: "Hey guys, let's choose Sophie the Otter."

Brittany: "I agree."

SpongeBob: "Well, I choose Lightbulb. She reminds me of Alfred the Lightbulb!"

Pin: "Hey, Balloon! Let's choose Donut!"

Balloon: "Um, OK."

Leafy: "Needle!"

Needle: "Yeah!"

Nicole: "Let's choose Catherine the Spellcaster! We can have our original team!"

Lightbulb: "When I chose Nickel into my team, he said it was a wise decision. Let's choose him again!"

Donut: "We'll choose Match."

Leafy: "How about Yandere Simulator Teacher? I would like a teacher onto my team."

Teddy: "Come on, Brittany's team! Don't pick a four eyes this time!"

Bryce: "Yeah! All your team members are nerds! They have twice the number of eyes we have!"

Brittany: "Hey! You three better cut it out for good! You know what? Margo, get over here! You can me on my team!"

Nickel: "Wow, Golf Ball. For once I'm actually glad you're on my team."

Golf Ball: "Thank you."

Match: "Pencil and I have to stick together!"

Needle: "How about Snowball?"

Nicole: "Brittany, how about Plankton?"

Brittany: "OK, Plankton."

Sherman: "Hey! Choose a regular person with two eyes! Not four eyes, not one eye, two eyes!"

Nicole: "The three of you better quit your insults!"

Teddy: "Snowball, you're strong! Beat them all up!"

(Snowball shakes his head no)

Bryce: "What? You won't do it?"

(Snowball shakes his head no)

Sherman: "Chicken!"

Golf Ball: "I choose Tennis Ball. He said we're a duo."

Pencil: "Bubble is in our alliance, so we choose her!"

Leafy: "Let's choose Liam the Leprechaun!"

Plankton5165: "Back to Brittany's team."

Nicole: "Let's choose Gemma the Good Witch. We can have our original team back!"

Puffball: "Well, we choose Fries!"

Donut: "We need Firey to ignite Bomby!"

Yandere Simulator Teacher: "Why don't we pick a Pokémon trainer?"

Needle: "How about Ethan?"

Leafy: "OK, Ethan it is."

Nicole: "Let’s choose Brendan on my team!”

Tennis Ball: “If Flower is on another team, she’ll become more of an enemy. So it would just be common sense to choose her for our team!”

Flower Speaker Box: “Back to Pin’s team!”

Donut: “Let’s choose Donkey Kong! He’s hefty!”

Leafy: “Since Lyra is Ethan’s female counterpart, we choose her!”

Nicole: “You know what? Let’s choose May!”

Lightbulb: “Let’s choose Knife. He’s strong.”

Puffball: “Whatever.”

Donut: “Balloon! Let’s choose Woody!”

Balloon: “No way! Let’s pick someone who’s actually useful to the team.”

Donut: “Woody, get over here! You make Donkey Kong’s fun bullet!”

Pin: “Oh no!” (quivers) “Woody!” (vomits on Woody)

Leafy: “How about we choose Whitney?”

Snowball: “Fine, whatever.”

Nicole: “How about we choose Mario for our team? He’s full of fame.”

Brittany: “OK, let’s choose Mario.”

Amy B.: “Back to Puffball’s team.”

Knife: “Paper, you can be on my team!”

Donut: “Let’s choose Metal Sonic.”

Gelatin: “We’ll choose Morty. Now we have all Johto team members on my team!”

Brittany: “Since Luigi is Mario’s brother, we choose him."

Sam Star: “Sam chooses Pen, so Sam, Spike Ball, Yellow Square, Lightbulb, Grey Circle, Hole Ball, Yellow Ball, Red Container, Big Head, and Knife can use Pen to write on Paper.”

Amy B.: “Back to Pin’s team.”

Donut: “How about N? We need to add a Pokémon trainer onto my team!”

Liam the Leprechaun: “Why don’t we pick Cooper?”

May: “Ash, get over here! You can be on my team!”

Ash Ketchum: “Same team as you? Great!”

Pen: “We’ll choose Eraser!”

Donut: “Definitely Giovanni. He’s a Pokémon trainer too!”

Leafy: “Cooper and Prudence are both playable characters in the same game, we choose Prudence!”

Flower Speaker Box: “Back to Brittany’s team!”

Nicole: “How about Starlow? She easily won episode 6!”

Pen and Eraser: “Blocky, our friend!”

Donut: “Let’s choose Funky Kong!”

Flower Speaker Box: “Back to Leafy’s team!”

Yandere Simulator Teacher: “Let’s have all Gameria chefs on the team! Maggie, get over here! You can be on my team!”

Nicole: “Let’s add a bomberwoman to the team! Cute Pink, get over here!”

Puffball: “We need a Pokémon trainer onto my team! Let’s choose Hilda!”

Donut: “The more Pokémon trainers, the better! Let’s choose Lysandre!”

Maggie: “Let’s choose Taco!”

Leafy: “OK, Taco.”

Brittany: “Dark Boomboxer was kind of a bomberman last episode, so I pick him.”

SpongeBob: "I choose Eric Gavin!"

Balloon: "Well, I choose Yandere-chan. The teacher won't be on her team!"

20 minutes later...

Amy: "So, all of you have chosen team members."

Flower Speaker Box: "Leshawna, you didn't get a pick, so you'll join the team that loses a member, otherwise you're the player who will be eliminated!"

Amy: "Anyway, the team captains will choose one more player each from any series to join or rejoin your team."

Nicole: "Brittany, how about we choose Vitalia Urbansza? She's a member of the Terrific 10!"

Flower Speaker Box: "OK, Vitalia Urbansza it is! Sam Star and Puffball, choose your 30th player!"

Sam Star: "Sister Sam wants brubber on team!"

SpongeBob: "You mean Patrick?"

Puffball: "Yes."

Flower Speaker Box: "OK, Patrick Star is on your team! Pin's team, choose a 30th player!"

Donut: "Coiny!"

Firey: "Oh no, now Coiny is on my team."

Balloon: "No way! Firey hates Coiny! Let's choose Book! She's part of Pencil's alliance!"

MePhone4S: "Book rejoins the game! Leafy's team, choose a new player!"

Leafy: "Hmmm.... Aaa-ha! Ice Cube! Come on down, you can be my ally."

Ice Cube: "Thanks for picking me. Pencil wouldn't let me in her alliance!"

Pencil: "Oh, sorry, Ice Cube. I'd let you in if I could, but I can't."

MePhone4S: "That's it! Brittany Soler and Bookworm Green, choose a team name."

Brittany: "Our team has all Team Terrific 10 members, how about Team Terrific 30?"

MePhone4S: "OK, you're Team Terrific 30. Sam Star and Puffball, choose your team name."

Puffball: "Well, I'm a Puffball, and SpongeBob's on our team, so how about Team Krabby Puffballs?"

Amy B.: "Alright, that's your team name. Balloon and Pin, choose a name."

Pin: "Let's combine W.O.A.H. Bunch with FreeSmart. How about W.O.A.H. FreeSmart?"

Flower Speaker Box: "OK, you're Team W.O.A.H. FreeSmart! Leafy and Gelatin, choose your team name!"

Taco: "Chickenleg!"

Flower Speaker Box: "You already chose that team name! You'll be called Team Ultra Chickenleg!"

MePhone4S: "That's it! Let's go over our new teams! Terrific 30, Krabby Puffballs, W.O.A.H. FreeSmart, and Ultra Chickenleg! Now it's time for the elimination!"

(Cut to the elimination area)

MePhone4S: "We got 77 prize votes, that's a lot more than any time! Moving on, Nicole Jennings wins the prize again!"

(TV is showing the likes, with Nicole Jennings getting the most likes at 15)

Flower Speaker Box: "She gets an electric elemental mallet!"

MePhone4S: "Here!" (Flings it to Nicole, who catches it)

MePhone4S: "Moving on, we got 30 elimination votes! That's a lot more than any time! Siri, 19 diamond pieces! Go!" (Siri processes the diamond pieces)

Flower Speaker Box: "TV, show the votes!"

(TV does so, with Flannery and Dark Boomboxer being tied at 10 votes.)

Amy B.: "Flannery and Dark Boomboxer are tied at 10 votes. Whoever has fewer prize votes is eliminated. That means Flannery will be eliminated."

(Flannery gets teleported to ROFL)

(The saved team members get diamond pieces)

Flower Speaker Box: "Leshawna, you will join the Terrific 30!"

MePhone4S: "So, is the next contest deadly and hilarious, especially when people die?"

Amy: "Well, indeed it is! The eighth challenge is to defeat one of the three triplets, which are Teddy, Bryce, and Sherman."

Flower Speaker Box: "If your team doesn't defeat a triplet, your team will be up for elimination! Go!"

(Plankton enters the battlefield)

Bryce: "Plankton is a cyclops! Why isn't he at the doctor's?"

(Plankton knocks out Bryce with his beam)

MePhone4S: "Terrific 30 wins immunity!"

Liam the Leprechaun: "So how are we going to do this?"

Gelatin: "I have acid spitballs. One hit and a triplet will disintegrate into ash."

Teddy: "You don't stand a chance! You're too easy because you're sick!"

(Gelatin throws a freeze juice syringe at Teddy, then attacks him with an acid spitball)

MePhone4S: "Ultra Chickenleg wins immunity! Now there's only one triplet left, which means there's only one spot left for immunity!"

Grapefruit: "What? One spot left?"

Pin: "Wait! Can we use Bomby to defeat Sherman?"

(Donkey Kong picks up Bomby)

Bomby: "Oh no!"

(Donkey Kong throws Bomby, exploding and defeating Sherman)

MePhone4S: "W.O.A.H. FreeSmart wins too! That's it!"

Teddy: "Ha ha!"

Amy B.: "How did you even come back? Whatever. That means the Krabby Puffballs are up for elimination."

Yin: "No!"

Yang: "Yes!"

Amy B.: "Viewers, it is now time to cast your valids. The two most voted players will leave the team. One of them will be chosen into the Terrific 30."

Flower: "You better not vote me out or I'll writhe you!"

Episode 9: "New Competitor Starfish"

Flower Speaker Box: "Plankton! You must be enjoying your secret formula! Are you?"

Plankton: "Of course I am!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Guess what? You've won a split token!"

Plankton: "What is a split token?"

Flower Speaker Box: "Well, you really have to impress the hosts to get one. Last episode, you were the first to knock out one of the Langbroek triplets, which means you did better than all other contestants! Whenever you're about to possibly get eliminated, you can use your win token to eradicate half of your elimination votes, and double your prize votes, and here is your split token!"

(Plankton catches the split token)

MePhone4S: "Now it's time for the elimination!"

(The immune team members laugh as the Krabby Puffballs walk to the elimination area)

Amy B.: "Puffballs, the top two elimination vote getters will leave the team. One will join the Terrific 30, and the other will be eliminated."

MePhone4S: "We got 170 prize votes, and 153 elimination votes. Both are a lot more than any time!"

Plankton5165: "I know, right? TV, show the votes!"

(TV does so. Tennis Ball gets the most likes at 19)

Tennis Ball: "Yay!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Tennis Ball, you get a split token! You get to choose another player to also get one!"

Tennis Ball: "I choose Golf Ball!"

MePhone4S: "OK. Moving on, the prizes are metal balls. If you don't get one, you leave the team. SpongeBob and Patrick, you received zero votes, so you are both safe!" (SpongeBob catches one, Patrick swallows one, and spits it at Sandy, who catches it)

Sandy: "Hey! You can't do that!"

MePhone4S: "I just did!"

Plankton5165: "Tennis Ball, also no votes."

Tennis Ball: (catches the ball) "Yay!"

Amy: "Shauna, you're safe at zero as well."

(Flower Speaker Box flings a metal ball at Shauna)

Flower Speaker Box: "TV, show the votes!"

(TV does so. Hilda and Passion Fruit's bars stop at 1 vote. Sandy Cheeks, Hatsune Miku, Nickel, Lightbulb, Knife, Pen, Paper, and Puffball's bars stop at two votes. They all get metal balls.)

Plankton5165: "Now, all of you got at least five votes, with the exception of Eraser and Golf Ball, who got four." (both get metal balls)

Flower Speaker Box: "Marshmallow and Fries, you're safe at 5 votes!" (flings metal balls)

MePhone4S: "The rest of you all got at least six votes. At six votes is-"

Pen: "It's got to be Blocky."

MePhone4S: "Uh, yeah. Blocky."

Sam Star: "Sister Sam safe too?"

Flower Speaker Box: "Yes! Eric Gavin is also safe at six votes!" (Flings balls to Blocky, Sam, and Eric) "Benga and Yellow Face received 8 votes, and Alder and Future Orange received 9!" (Flings metal balls to the four)

Plankton5165: "Now, the five of you got at least 10 votes. With 10 votes each, there is a three-way tie. Flower."

Flower: "Yes!"

Plankton5165: "You are not one of the members of the tie."

Flower: "What, no way!"

Plankton5165: "JK, you are."

MePhone4S: "Salli, you also got ten votes!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Also at 10 votes is-"

Salli: "Simon!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Midget Apple!"

Midget Apple: "That's Little Apple!"

(Flower Speaker Box flings the three the final metal balls)

Amy B.: "Simon and Grapefruit, with 11 and 24 votes respectively, you both leave the Krabby Puffballs."

Grapefruit: "What?"

(Camera pans)

Amy B.: "Grapefruit and Simon, the Terrific 30 will choose one of you onto their team. The other will be eliminated."

Nicole: "Let's choose Simon. Grapefruit doesn't have limbs."

Joshua Juritin: "Hey! I dare you to choose Grapefruit!"

Bookworm Green: "No way! Let's choose whoever's more useful to the team! Let's choose Simon!"

Amy B.: "Good riddance forever, Grapefruit. Or GRFGRF for short."

(Grapefruit gets sent to the ROFL)

Joshua: "Brittany, what a grape you are!"

Brittany: "Hey!"

Golf Ball: "Now my chances of winning went up from 0.855% to 0.862%!"

Joshua: "Who cares? Here's all my friends! They're meant to impersonate the closer customers from the Papa Louie games!"

Quinn: "What?! No way!"

Match: "OMG, Joshua! You did not just like do that!"

Joshua: "We did it years ago! Now I dare you to let us join the game!"

MePhone4S: "Joshua, of course you and your friends can join the game!"

Joshua: "What? Amy, you mean it?"

Amy B.: "Yes. You can join as bosses."

(Joshua laughs menacingly)

Plankton: "You're gonna need tons of good luck!"

Amy B.: "OK, the ninth contest is a drawing contest. Everyone must enter their team's' glass boxes." (Everyone does so)

Golf Ball: "So what now?"

Amy B.: "The ninth contest is to draw your version of me. Your teams will choose one player. Whichever team gets the lower score will be up for elimination."

Plankton5165: "I took the challenge myself. Whichever players beat my score or gets the same score as me gets a split token."

Amy B.: "I'll be one judge, the Flower Announcer will be the second, and MePhone4S will be the third."

MePhone4S: "Is the challenge deadly and hilarious, especially when people die?"

Amy B.: "Not quite. But in speaking of die, this die will be our fourth judge. So, yes. Your scores will be out of 36. Go."

Pencil: "Hey, look! It's me!"

Golf Ball: "So here's our plan!"

(Sam Star kicks Golf Ball out)

Bookworm Green: "Nicole, you should do the challenge."

Pin: "I'll do the challenge."

Patrick: "Hey! There's a pen, isn't there?"

(Patrick picks up Pen)

Pen: "Hey, put me down!" (Patrick draws using Pen, who screams)

Snowball: "Come on! Look, the other three teams are already going! TD, why don't you do the challenge?"

(Golf Ball returns to her glass box)

Amy B.: "All of you have finished. Terrific 30, you're first." (Sees the drawing) "I'll give it 10 out of 10."

Flower Speaker Box: "I choose 9!"

MePhone4S: "I also choose 9! Let's see what the die picks."

(The die lands on a five)

(TV shows that Nicole Jennings has a score of 33)

Patrick: "Hey, SpongeBob, look!"

(SpongeBob does so)

SpongeBob: (gasps) "Big Fat Meanie?"

(Amy B. looks at it)

Amy B.: "As if I really look like this! SpongeBob, I choose 0!"

Flower Speaker Box: "I will too!"

MePhone4S: "Me too! So does the die!"

Golf Ball: "Wait! A die doesn't even have a-"

MePhone4S: "Shut up!"

(TV shows SpongeBob has a score of 0)

Amy B.: "Pin?" (Sees Pin's work) "9 out of 10."

Flower Speaker Box: "I pick 7!"

MePhone4S: "I will too!"

Flower Speaker Box: "And the die picks six!"

(TV shows Pin has a score of 29)

Flower Speaker Box: "Teardrop is last!"

Amy: (sees Teardrop's drawing) "8 out of 10."

Flower Speaker Box: "I pick 5."

MePhone4S: "I pick 6, and the die picks 4!"

(TV shows Teardrop has a score of 23)

Amy B.: "Well, that means Patrick's team, the Krabby Puffballs, are in dead last again. But who will get split tokens?"

Plankton5165: "Here's mine."

Amy B: (sees it) "8 out of 10."

Flower Speaker Box: "I pick 5!"


Amy B.: "Bryce, shut up! MePhone4S, what is your score?"

MePhone4S: "I choose 6. And the die picks four."

Flower Speaker Box: "Whoa! You have the exact same scores as TD!"

Amy: "Comparison time!" (TV shows the ranks of each of the contestant's scores) "Everyone except SpongeBob gets split tokens!"

MePhone4S: "That's it! The Krabby Puffballs are up for elimination!"

Flower Speaker Box: "SpongeBob, for drawing the Big Fat Meanie, you get a penalty!"

SpongeBob: "What? What is it?"

Amy B.: "You have to hold this sign." (gives SpongeBob a VOTE ME OUT sign)

SpongeBob: "But I didn't draw it!"

MePhone4S: "Lying is just as bad as drawing Big Fat Meanie! Your votes will be multiplied by two! So yeah! Voters, you can vote two people to get 5 like bonuses and two people to get 5 dislike bonuses! The top two like getters will get prizes."

Flower Speaker Box: "The top two dislike getters will be eliminated!"

Episode 10: "Something's No Longer Missing"

Sam Star: (gasps) "Why pink rectangle here?"

Flower Speaker Box: "I'm here to tell you that your team, the Krabby Puffballs, lost! Let's find out which two contestants will be eliminated!"

(The Krabby Puffballs walk to the elimination area)

Flower Speaker Box: "We got 366 total votes!"

MePhone4S: "Yeah. The top two dislike getters will be eliminated."

Flower: "The viewers better have kept me dislike-free! Every single one of them!"

MePhone4S: "If you don't shut up, I'll multiply your votes by two!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Grr!"

MePhone4S: "No! I'm sorry! Please! Please!"

Flower: "Ha ha!"

MePhone4S: "The prizes are one dollar coins! If you don't get one, you are eliminated!"

Amy B.: "TB and GB, you each have a split token. Would you like to use it now?"

Tennis Ball: "I won't use it."

Golf Ball: "Neither will I!"

Flower Speaker Box: "OK, no split token for you!"

(TV shows the likes, with Pen in first at 23 and Golf Ball in second at 20)

Amy B.: "GB and Pen won the prizes!"

Golf Ball: "Wow, that doesn't happen a lot! What's our prizes?"

Flower Speaker Box: "You get immunity into episode 15! Let's see who will be eliminated!"

Amy B.: "I will now say who has 0 votes."

Pen: "It's got to be Blocky."

Amy B.: "No. However, it's you and Eraser."

(Flower Speaker Box flings Pen and Eraser one dollar coins)

SpongeBob: "Imagine if Mr. Krabs was here."

MePhone4S: "Whatever. Moving on, Eric Gavin, Yellow Face, Puffball, and Knife, you four also received zero dislikes!" (Flower Speaker Box flings one dollar coins to the said four) "Same with Lightbulb, Nickel, Fries, Shauna, and Paper!" (Flower Speaker Box flings one dollar coins to the said five) "Tennis Ball and Hilda, at zero, you're safe too!" (Flower Speaker Box flings one dollar coins to the said two) "Okay, now the rest of you all got at least one dislike. The next person safe at one vote is-"

Pen: "It's got to be Blocky."

MePhone4S: "OK, Blocky. Hatsune Miku, Passion Fruit, and Benga, you three are also safe at one vote!" (flings coins to the said four) "Sandy and Alder, you are safe at two votes!" (flings coins to the said two)

Golf Ball: "I thought you gave me immunity!"

MePhone4S: "I did! Either way, you are safe at 3 votes!" (flings a coin to Golf Ball)

Flower Speaker Box: "Flower, at 5 votes, you're also safe!" (flings a coin to Flower) "Marshmallow, you received 6 votes, so you are also safe!" (flings a coin to Marshmallow)

MePhone4S: "Salli and Future Orange, you received 10 votes, so you are both safe!" (flings coins to the said two) (lights flash on the bottom four) "Okay, you are the bottom four. Only two of you is safe. Patrick and SpongeBob..."

(SpongeBob makes a victory screech sound)

MePhone4S: "...are eliminated at 15 and 58 votes respectively! Midget Apple received 11 votes, and Sam Star received 14 votes, so they're both safe."

Midget Apple: "That's Little Apple!" (gets hit by the coin) (Flower Speaker Box flings a coin at Sam Star, who catches it)

(SpongeBob gets tears in his eyes, but gets teleported to the ROFL alongside Patrick Star)

(Camera pans to the ROFL. SpongeBob and Patrick are sent to the ROFL)

SpongeBob: "Where did everybody go?!"

Sam Star: (gasps) "Brubber and yellow square gone? Sister Sam tries to win contest for brubber and yellow square!"

MePhone4S: "Everyone else also does so, but probably not for the latest elimination victims!"

Amy B.: "Anyway, to start the tenth challenge-"

Eraser: "Which is...?" (Complete silence)

Plankton5165: "To start the tenth challenge, everyone must face TV." (Everyone does so)

MePhone4S: "TV, show the map of Xiysiekz + Zellyx!" (TV does so) "So, you may notice there are buzzers in front of each of you. You must press it to guess how many states are in Xiysiekz + Zellyx! Whoever guesses correctly wins two prizes, so no one is getting sent to the ROFL. Now go!"

Yin-Yang: (presses the buzzer) "3!"

Amy B.: "3, that is incorrect."

Donut: (presses the buzzer) "108!"

Amy B.: "108, that is incorrect."

Match: (presses the buzzer) "131!"

Amy B.: "131 is correct!"

Match: "Yes! So, what are, like, my prizes?"

Flower Speaker Box: "Match, you get a split token, and you get to choose any player to join your team!"

Match: "I, like, want Ruby on my team! We have to stick together!"

MePhone4S: "So yeah, viewers, no voting for this episode."

Episode 11: "Ze Chickenlegs"

MePhone4S: "Anyway, since there was no voting last time, we can get right to the contest. However, we have two new hosts, bringing the count to 7! Introducing Jamie Hulbert and Kiezer Olsen!" (Both appear)

Jamie: "Should we explain ze challenge?"

Plankton5165: "Go ahead."

Jamie: "Alright, ze challenge is to bring one clone of Amy Brooks to a host! The earlier you do it, the more points you get!"

Kiezer: "So the teams with the top two average scores win a prize! The team with the lowest score will be up for elimination! Nothing happens to third place! Now go!"

Future Orange: "Hey! Hey Needy!" (Needle slaps Future Orange) "Ow!"

Needle: "Don't call me Needy!"

Future Orange: "Needy!" (Needle slaps Future Orange) "Ow!"

Midget Apple: "You need to stop calling Needle Needy!" (Needle slaps Midget Apple, who gets caught by a clone of Amy Brooks)

(Pin spots Woody)

Pin: "Oh no! Woody! Don't tell me you have searchophobia! That is not permitted, and you should suffer the consequences!" (Pin kicks Woody, who gets caught by a clone of Amy Brooks, who brings the latter to Jamie)

Jamie: "Woody, you are ze first contestant to bring me a clone, so you get 300 points! You also get a split token!"

(Every time a contestant brings in something, TV's screen adds a set number to that contestant's sum)

(A clone of Amy Brooks catches Midget Apple, who is brought to Kiezer)

Kiezer: "Midget Apple, you get second place, earning you 250 points!"

Midget Apple: "That's Little Apple!"

(Ethan and Cooper bring two clones of Amy Brooks to Kiezer)

Kiezer: "Ethan, you have third place, resulting in 200 points."

Cooper: "Now here's my clone!"

Kiezer: "Cooper, fourth place earns you 175 points!"

Marshmallow: "Needy!"

(Needle slaps Marshmallow)

Needle: "Don't call me Needy!"

Nicole: "Look, Brittany! I see two clones of Amy Brooks! Let's turn them in!" (Both bring them to Plankton5165)

Nicole: "Here's two of the clones!"

Plankton5165: "Nicole, you're number five. You get 150 points."

Brittany: "Here's my clone."

Plankton5165: "Brittany, you're number six. You get 140 points."

Future Orange: "Needy!"

(Needle slaps Future Orange, who gets caught by an Amy Brooks clone. Future Orange is getting brought to Jamie, where Marshmallow is already at)

Jamie: "Future Orange, seventh place earns you 130 points! Marshmallow, I wanted a clone of Amy Brooks. Zis is a clone of Amy Loopsy. You get a 30-point penalty! Go back and find something zat's actually a clone of Amy Brooks!"

Marshmallow: "Aww." (begins to rage, but gets kicked to the ground by Yin-Yang)

Yin-Yang: (Yang) "Ha ha! Take this, loser!" (Runs off)

Ash: "May, I see three clones! Let's show them to the real Amy Brooks!" (Ash, May, and Dawn do so) "This clone should be good!"

Amy B.: "It is. As the eighth contestant to show a clone of me, you get 125 points."

May: "Here's a clone from your favorite character!"

Amy B.: "May, you're the ninth contestant to show a clone, resulting in 120 points."

May: "Yay!"

Dawn: "Here's my clone."

Amy B.: "Hold on. You brought a clone of the wrong Amy, resulting in a 30-point penalty."

(Camera pans to Yin-Yang and Kiezer)

Kiezer: "Yin-Yang, terrible mistake. That's a clone of Reptile Loopsy. That's a 75-point penalty!"

Yin-Yang: (Yin) "No!" (Yang) "Oh, thank you so much!"

Kiezer: "Um, you're welcome."

(Bookworm Green arrives)

Kiezer: "Bookworm Green, you're number ten! That gives you 118 points!"

(Maggie and Prudence arrive)

Maggie: "I found a clone!"

Prudence: "So did I!"

Kiezer: "Maggie, you're number 11, and Prudence, you're number 12. You get 116 and 114 points respectively."

Pencil: "OMG! I see three clones!" (Pencil, Match, and Ruby show their clones to Jamie Hulbert) "We found three of the clones!"

Jamie: "Pencil, zis is not a clone of Amy Brooks! It's a clone of Amy Loopsy! You get a 30 point penalty!"

Pencil: "What?"

Match: "Well, here, like, goes nothing."

Jamie: "Match, 13th place earns you 112 points!"

Ruby: "Here's mine!"

Jamie: "Ruby, you have an Amy Loopsy clone, resulting in a 30-point penalty!'

Golf Ball: "TB, I found two clones!" (TB and GB show the clones to Kiezer)

Kiezer: "TB, you're number 14. GB, you're number 15. You get 110 and 108 points respectively."

(Yin-Yang arrives)

Kiezer: "Yin-Yang, that's also a Reptile Loopsy imposter! 75!"

Yin-Yang: (Yin) "Yes! I mean no! That was the wrong clone!" (Yang) "No, I'm pretty sure it was the right clone!"

(Mario and Luigi arrive)

Kiezer: "Mario and Luigi, you placed 16th and 17th respectively, resulting in 106 and 104 points, respectively."

(Teardrop shows a clone to Jamie)

Jamie: "TD, you're number 18, so you get 102 points. But you need to learn how to speak Zenglish! Everyone else knows how to!"

(Book and Ruby arrive)

Book: "I found a clone!"

Jamie: "Book, you're number 19, so you get 100 points!"

Ruby: "Now here's my clone!"

Jamie: "Ruby, zat's a clone of Reptile Loopsy! You get a 75-point penalty!"

Ruby: "Aww, really?"

Jamie: "Yes! Go back and find a clone of Amy Brooks! Not Reptile Loopsy, not Amy Loopsy, Amy Brooks!"

(Title card: About 30 minutes later...)

MePhone4S: "OK, let's compare."

(TV organized the scores by teams. Team Chickenleg wins with an average score of 67.20, with Terrific 30 in second with an average score of 67.16)

Kiezer: "Team Chickenleg is in first, and Terrific 30 is in second. They win a player onto their team. Nothing happens to W.O.A.H. FreeSmart, and the Krabby Puffballs are in last place, so one of them goes home."

Jamie: "But neither will ze contestants nor ze viewers choose new players. We will. Kiezer, how about you choose a player to join Terrific 30 and I choose one to join Team Chickenleg?"

Kiezer: "Fine."

Jamie: "Um, I think Leopold Slikk should join Team Chickenleg!"

Kiezer: "Well, I choose Todd Ming to join Team Terrific 30! They will both join next episode! Viewers, vote on the Krabby Puffballs!"

Jamie: "Ze two most voted players will leave ze team! One will join ze chickenlegs!"

Episode 12: "Crazy Eights"

Plankton5165: "The two of you with the most dislikes will leave the team."

Jamie: "One will join Team Ultra Chickenleg, and ze other is eliminated!"

MePhone4S: "We got 242 votes, OK? That's a lot less than last time!"

Salli: "Simon, what are you doing here? You're not a host!"

Amy B.: "Salli, this is Michele, my husband! This isn't your twin brother!"

MePhone4S: "Let's multiply your votes by two!"

Plankton5165: "No, let's multiply her votes by 3."

MePhone4S: "Fine."

Salli: "Hey! You can't do that!"

MePhone4S: "I just did! Moving on, Shauna wins the prize!"

Jamie: "From zis point onward, every time a contestant learns zey got ze most votes, ze prize is an advantage in ze episode's challenge!"

Eraser: "Which is...?"

Michele: "You'll find out later."

Eraser: "Grrr!"

MePhone4S: "The prizes are pencils! If you don't get one, you are eliminated!"

Nickel: "Pencils are stupid!"

Pencil: "OMG, that was, like, mean, jerk!"

Jamie: "Talking pencil, what are you doing here? You're not on zis team!"

(The conveyor belt sends Pencil back with the other contestants)

Jamie: "First off, GB and Pen are immune, so zey are both safe!"

(MePhone4S flings two pencils to GB and Pen)

Plankton5165: "Now let's show all elimination votes!"

(TV does so, with Salli at 15 and Marshmallow at 25)

Kiezer: "Even if her votes didn't get multiplied, Salli would've still left the team! Salli is at 45 votes!"

(Camera pans to Marshmallow, Salli, and Team Chickenleg)

Jamie: "Marshmallow and Salli, you two got ze most votes! Ze chickenlegs will decide which player will be on zeir team and which one will be eliminated!"

Snowball: "I'd say Salli because Marshmallow doesn't even have arms!"

Cooper: "I choose Salli because Marshmallow likes chipmunks!"

Liam: "I'd say Salli because Marshmallow called me a rainbow maker!"

Marshmallow: "Needy, are you gonna vote for me instead of Salli?"

(Needle slaps Marshmallow)

Needle: "Don't call me Needy! But no."

Leopold: (Subtitles: Marshmallow is completely useless! Salli is way better!)

Kiezer: "Marshmallow, bye bye! It's MMBB for short, which could be Mega-Mega-Byte-Byte, which sounds like Mega-Mega-Bye-Bye!"

(Marshmallow is teleported to the ROFL)

Midget Apple: "No! That little fluffy guy was my best friend!"

MePhone4S: "Shut up!"

(TV shows the teams at 30-30-30-30, then removes, moves, and adds contestants making 32-24-31-32)

Kiezer: "Before we start the twelfth challenge, we have to make things even. Pencil's team, W.O.A.H. FreeSmart, will add one more player to their team."

Donut: "Hey, Balloon! Let's choose Peppermint Patty!"

Balloon: "No way! Let's pick someone who's actually useful to the team."

Donut: "Peppermint Patty, get over here! You will not believe how much you need to join!"

Balloon: "What? I didn't agree to that!"

Flower Speaker Box: "The teams are temporarily breaking apart!"

Kiezer: "The Krabby Puffballs are three teams of eight, and the other teams are four teams of eight! However, Pencil's alliance is guaranteed to be on the same team."

Match: "Yeah!"

Amy B.: "The Terrific 10 members are also guaranteed to be on the same team. So is Pen's alliance."

Eraser: "Yeah!"

Jamie: "TV will generate ze rest of ze team members of each team!"

(TV does so)

Jamie: "Ze twelfth contest is to crack codes! Shauna, you get an advantage. You don't have to do ze challenge!"

Amy B.: "All hosts have chosen one code each, so the members of first team to solve all the codes will all get split tokens."

Flower Speaker Box: "The members of the last team to do so will be up for elimination! If you fail, you have to go to the end of the line! Go!"

Leopold: (Subtitles: This game is super hard! I wanna do something else!)

Jamie: "Speak Zenglish!"

(Yandere-chan grabs Knife)

Knife: (while Yandere-chan tries to stab Yandere Simulator Teacher) "No! No!"

(Yandere Simulator Teacher stops Yandere-chan)

Yandere Simulator Teacher: "Just what do you think you're doing?"

(Yandere Simulator Teacher puts Yandere-chan down to the ground)

(Title card: A few minutes later...)

(TV's screen displays the teams in placing order. Snowball, Cooper, Maggie, Ethan, Microphone, Leafy, Yandere Simulator Teacher, and Rouge the Bat are in first. Brittany Soler, Todd Ming, Margo Gru, May, Bookworm Green, Squilliam Fancyson, Simon, and Emmy Altava are in second.)

(Leopold Slikk cracks the code and laughs menacingly)

(Leopold Slikk, Ice Cube, Test Tube, Fantina, Gelatin, Needle, Teardrop, and Quinn are in third. Nicole Jennings, Plankton, Sophie the Otter, Catherine the Spellcaster, Gemma the Good Witch, Vitalia Urbansza, Mario, and Sonic are in fourth.)

Pencil: "Yeah, we're done!"

(Pencil, Match, Bubble, Ruby, Book, Bow, Pearl Krabs, and Donut are in fifth. Nickel, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Fries, Knife, Midget Apple, Yellow Face, and Alder are in sixth.)

Yin-Yang: (Yin) "The objective is to get it right!" (Yang) "No, I'm pretty sure it is to get it wrong!"

(Lyra, Whitney, Morty, Prudence, Taco, Caitlin, Sky, and Salli are in seventh. Lightbulb, Hatsune Miku, Hilda, Benga, Sandy Cheeks, Passion Fruit, Eric Gavin, and Shauna are in eighth. Ash Ketchum, Starlow, Cute Pink, Dawn, Tails, Kirby, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy are in ninth. Bridgette, Dark Boomboxer, Luigi, Brendan, Misty, Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, and Flannery are in tenth.)

MePhone4S: "10 teams are immune!"

(Liam the Leprechaun, R.O.B., Optimus Prime, Owen, Mona, Shauntal, Marshal, and Knuckles the Echidna are in eleventh. Balloon, Krissy, Bomby, Pin, Firey, Funky Kong, Lysandre, and Donkey Kong are in twelfth.)

Yin-Yang: (Yin) "Yes!" (Yang) "No!"

(Metal Sonic, Giovanni, Starscream, Principal Steinbeck, Yin-Yang, Bubbles, Stuart Minion, and Spyro the Dragon are in thirteenth.)

MePhone4S: "Now there's only one spot left!"

(Pen, Eraser, Blocky, Sam Star, Flower, Paper, Future Orange, and Puffball are in fourteenth. Peppermint Patty, Woody, N, Count Cannoli, Yandere-chan, Longator, Ashley, and Sidney are in fifteenth.)

MePhone4S: "That's it! N's team is up for elimination, except for Peppermint Patty, for being the only one to crack a code! Woody didn't even finish the code!"

Kiezer: "Viewers, vote between, Ashley, Longator, Sidney, Yandere-chan, N, Count Cannoli, and Woody!"

Jamie: "Zis time, we're renovating ze voting! No more prize votes! Whoever gets ze least amount of votes will win an advantage in ze upcoming challenge!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated!"

Episode 13: "At Ze Whole Length"

MePhone4S: "It's time for the elimination thing for the team that lost last time!"

(Camera pans to the elimination area)

Kiezer: "We received 112 votes, which isn't a record, but more than last time."

Jamie: "Ze rewards zis time are chaos emeralds! Zey're all the same color! Zere are seven chaos emeralds, but zere are only eight of you!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Therefore, one of you will not get one! If you don't, you are eliminated!"

MePhone4S: "Woody, you have a split token. Would you like to use it now?"

Jamie: "Hey! Speak Zenglish! You know what? You're using it!"

Kiezer: "Peppermint Patty is immune, so she gets a chaos emerald."

(MePhone4S flings a Chaos Emerald)

Jamie: "Ashley has ze fewest votes, at 7, so she gets ze advantage! She's safe too!"

(MePhone4S flings another Chaos Emerald)

Kiezer: "Woody, you have 9 votes!"

(Woody starts freaking out)

Kiezer: "What? You're safe! Because you used your split token, you're down to 4.5 votes! No fractional numbers allowed, so you have 4 votes! That's the lowest, so you get the advantage instead!"

(Woody has a relief)

(MePhone4S flings another Chaos Emerald)

Kiezer: "Sidney, Longator, and Yandere-chan, you received 10, 11, and 12 votes respectively."

(Flower Speaker Box flings a Chaos Emerald to each contestant)

Jamie: "Now it is down to N and Count Cannoli! Let's show ze votes!"

(TV does so. N is at 14 votes, and Count Cannoli is at 49 votes)

Kiezer: "Woah! N is safe, at 14 votes, which is 7 doubled, and Count Cannoli, with 49 votes, which is 7 squared, is eliminated!"

(Flower Speaker Box flings the final Chaos Emerald to N)

(Count Cannoli is teleported to the ROFL)

Kiezer: "With that, I'm letting Michele choose any player on any team!"

Michele: "Well, it's got to be the Terrific 30."

MePhone4S: "OK, who's gonna join the Terrific 30?"

Michele: "I'll go for Coiny, who despises Firey."

Kiezer: "Great choice!"

(Coiny is teleported to join the Terrific 30)

Coiny: "Yes! I'm on the largest team!"

Nicole: (checks her phone for a notification) "What?! This isn't true!"

Coiny: "What isn't true?"

Nicole: "Lewis Brooks and Bethany Soler uploaded 27 awful videos! One of them is about Lewis's parents getting sent to the audience! Bethany made a grounding video out of Brittany, and 25 fake videos from 1975 to 1999!"

Plankton5165: "What?! You've got to be kidding me! You know what? The thirteenth contest is to watch both videos other than the fake episodes!"

MePhone4S: "Oh yeah, and the other three teams will each choose one competitor from the contest's losing team to be on their teams, so no one is getting sent to the ROFL!"

Flower: "Yes!"

Kiezer: "Woody, you don't have to do the challenge! Your team will just score a point!"

Jamie: "If you watch both videos at ze whole length, you get a split token!"

Flower Speaker Box: "The team that gains fewer split tokens this episode loses three contestants! Go!"

(A clip appears with text: "The videos are too long, so we will skip them and tell you that Coiny, Nicole Jennings, Todd Ming, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Future Orange, Sam Star, Blocky, Donut, Balloon, Pencil, Quinn, and Leafy all won the split tokens.")

Leafy: "Actually, I want to give my split token to Brittany Soler, 'cause I feel bad for watching the video that offended her."

Kiezer: "Fine! Anyway, since your team, Ultra Chickenleg, lost, the other three teams will choose one player each from your team to join theirs!"

Eraser: "I want Snowball on my team!"

Ice Cube: "Hey guys, can I be part of your alliance?"

Bubble: "Of course!"

Nicole: "Hey, Brittany! Why don't we choose Cooper?"

Brittany: "Let's choose someone who's more useful to the team! Let's choose Gelatin! We could have more object show characters!"

MePhone4S: "That's it! No voting is necessary for this episode!"

Leafy: "Oh no, It's so sad to see Ice Cube gone!"

Episode 14: "Host Pairings"

Jamie: "Hey, John Jamie! Want to join ze hosts?"

John: "I guess."

MePhone4S: "Anyway, since there's no voting last time, we can get right to contest! Before we do that, John Jamie will choose one player on any team!"

John: "OK, Trophy will join Team Ultra Chickenleg!"

Flower Speaker Box: "Good choice!"

Teddy: "We're back!"

Nicole: "Already?!"

Bryce: "Yeah, four-eyes!"

Sherman: "Why do you have so many people with twice the number of eyes we have on your team?"

Amy B.: "You know what? Bring it on! The current contestants are not battling you, a challenger will!"

Kristin Langbroek: "I'll do it! They are truly screwed!"

Michele: "Wait! Aren't you their oldest sibling?"

Kristin: "I am! The triplets have to suffer for their actions!"

Teddy: "What good's a combination of you and NitroG's girl form?!"

Brittany: "Hey! Stop it forever!"

Sherman: "Good luck with that!"

(Title card: 20 minutes later...)


Sherman: "She's the team leader of many nerds like her! They all have twice the number of eyes we have!"

Golf Ball: (deep breath) "If you don't like this team, why don't you just GET OUT?!"

Alicia: "We're going home right now!"

Sherman: "TUBBY!"

Leopold: (Subtitles: Go away and never come back!)

Kiezer: "Welcome to the competition, Kristin! You automatically win immunity!"

Donut: "Please tell me you did not just say that."

John: "The fourteenth challenge is to use a device to calculate the music chart year-end scores using Excel's formulas! The first contestant who gets it right wins a split token! The hosts will pair up and help the teams!"

Eraser: "Aw... Boring."

Amy B.: "Pair up? Well, Michele and I have to be partners!"

Michele: "I guess Kiezer and Jamie are also partners."

John: "Well, we both have music charts, and the others are electric instead of humans!"

MePhone4S: "Now we're done forming teams! Now we will choose to be on one team each!"

Flower Speaker Box: "I want to be on Flower's team, the Krabby Puffballs!"

Amy B.: "Of course we're going with the Terrific 30 as a couple!"

John: "Peppermint Patty's on a team? I'd rather go with the other team!"

Trophy: "Let's just get to the contest!"

Snowball: "Who's gonna do this contest? The other three teams are already going!"

(Bookworm Green enters the information)

Bookworm Green: "And there we have it!" (he gets a split token)

Snowball: "How am I supposed to know this?!"

(Ruby enters some information in the cell)

Pencil: "Ruby! Add an equal sign!"

Ruby: "Sorry!" (does so to the right)

Pencil: "Ruby! The left, not the right!"

Leopold: (Subtitles: This contest is very bad!)

Test Tube: "I'll do it now!"

(Snowball enters some information, but gets it wrong)


(Golf Ball enters some information)

Golf Ball: "Done."

Flower Speaker Box: "Flower's team is safe!"

Donut: "Well, sometimes you have to deal with being set ablaze." (Throws Firey at Pencil)

(Test Tube enters some information)

MePhone4S: "Test Tube wins too! That's it!"

Michele: "The Terrific 30 won first, so Kristin joins them!"

Coiny: "Yes!"

Kiezer: "So, the Terrific 30 wins, Ultra Chickenleg and the Krabby Puffballs neither win nor lose, and W.O.A.H. FreeSmart is in last place!"

John: "Also, we have renovated the voting once again!"

MePhone4S: "So, yeah! Viewers, vote on all team members!"

Jamie: "Ze top 3 vote getters will leave ze team! One will join ze Terrific 30! Zerefore, zis is a double elimination!"

Episode 15: "Legendary Combats"

Peppermint Patty: “Hey, it’s you! You said I was your least favorite character!”

John: “I’m here to tell you that your team lost last episode!”

Flower Speaker Box: “Go to the elimination area to see who will be eliminated!”

(Camera pans to the elimination area)

Kiezer: “This time, the top 3 vote getters will leave the team.”

Jamie: “One will join ze Terrific 30, ze other two will be eliminated!”

Plankton5165: “Does anyone want to use their split tokens?”

Balloon: “No!”

Donut: “No!”

Pencil: “No.”

Pin: “Um, no.”

Match: “OMG, I so totally like agree.”

Kiezer: “OK, no split tokens for you!”

Jamie: “We have a cake zis time! It’s a 29-slice chunk of ice!”

Pencil: “No!” (faints)

Plankton5165: “We received 389 votes, which is a massive record high.”

Jamie: “First off, Ruby is immune, since she was ze only contestant to do something zat mattered! She’s safe!”

(MePhone4S flings slices of the chunk of ice as contestants are called safe)

John: “Peppermint Patty, to my shock, you are safe at zero votes. Another one of you is safe at zero votes.”

Kiezer: “It’s Firey!”

Firey: “Thank you! I needed to hear that!”

Kiezer: “I’m just JK kidding!”

Firey: “Oh my gosh! No fair!”

Kiezer: “It’s Pin!”

Pin: “Yeah!”

Jamie: “Metal Sonic is safe at 2 votes! Longator and Yin-Yang are at 3 votes!”

Kiezer: “Also at 3 votes is Pencil and Book!”

John: “Bubble is safe at 4 votes too! Spyro, Woody, Balloon, and Woody are also safe at 4 votes!”

Balloon: “Yes! I can’t believe it!”

(Balloon gets popped by a slice)

John: “Stuart Minion is safe at 5 votes, and N is safe at 6 votes! Funky Kong and Sidney are also safe at 7 votes!”

Jamie: “Ze rest of Pencil’s alliance is safe at 8 votes as well! Ashley, Bomby, and Giovanni received 10 votes, and Principal Steinbeck received 12!”

Kiezer: “At 13 votes is DK and PK! Bubbles is at 14 votes, and Lysandre is at 15 votes!”

John: “Yandere-chan is safe at 16 votes! Starscream, even at 29 votes, is safe too!”

Plankton5165: “Firey, Krissy, and Donut, you received 53, 59, and 60 votes respectively, and will all leave team!”

(Camera pans to Firey, Krissy, Donut, and the Terrific 30)

Michele: “Donut, Firey, and Krissy, only one of you will join the Terrific 30. The other two will be eliminated!”

Coiny: “Definitely not Firey.”

Nicole: “Murray is already eliminated, so since Krissy will be eliminated as well, she can see Murray again! That leaves Donut, so let’s choose him!”

Bookworm Green: “OK, Donut.”

Brittany: “I agree.”

Flower Speaker Box: “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Firey and Krissy are eliminated!”

(Firey and Krissy are teleported to the ROFL)

Krissy: “Where’s Murray?”

Firey: “We could escape.”

(Camera pans back to the contestants and the hosts)

Amy B.: “In the fifteenth contest, you will battle Joshua and his friends in a location 223 miles away!”

John: “You have to enter the domes to battle them. Whichever team is last to win will be up for elimination! Now go!”

Pencil: “Let’s get in the five FreeSmart vans!”

Jamie: “Pin and Peppermint Patty, you get to take ze golden FreeSmart van. It’s four times faster zan ze other vans, and will calculate and automatically send you to ze location via ze fastest way without any problems!”

(The W.O.A.H. FreeSmart team members get in the vans)

Golf Ball: “Position yourself on top of Puffball ASAP!”

(The Krabby Puffballs do so)

Ethan: “Go! Ho-Oh and Lugia!”

Cooper: “Let’s go on both of them!”

(Team Chickenleg does so)

Kristin: “Are we just gonna walk there?”

Vitalia: “No, we’re taking the Terrific Urbansza Vehicle Ball! Quick, let’s go in!”

Gemma: “Can’t we just teleport?”

(Gemma tries to do so, but fails)

Gemma: “Huh? What’s going on?”

Jamie: “Ze domes are immune to spells!”

Vitalia: “Let’s get inside!”

(Team Terrific 30 does so)

(The TUV Ball begins moving)

Todd Ming: “Wouldn’t something like that be considered something an antagonist would use?”

Coiny: “We want to win, right?”

Donut: “Scoops and Coiny!”

Coiny: “What?”

Donut: “This isn’t funny!”

Plankton: “Being evil is too much fun!”

Brittany: “We’re battling the antagonists!”

(Scene cuts to FreeSmart watching Puffball, the TUV Ball, and the tower duo from a van)

Bubble: “What’s that?”

Match: “It’s like, Puffball, and the TUV Ball, as well as like, Lugia and Ho-Oh.”

Golf Ball: “GAHAHAH! No one can defeat the Puffball!”

(Title card: “Around 1 hour later…”)

(The golden FreeSmart van stops)

Pin: “We’re here!”

(The TUV Ball is getting closer)

(Pin and Peppermint Patty enter the dome)

Katie: “Halt! Who goes here?”

Pin: “We want to battle you!”

Katie: “Bring it on!”

(Katie moves but steps on Pin)

Katie: “Ow!”

(Pin and Peppermint Patty also beat her)

Peppermint Patty: “Did we win?”

Pin: “Yeah, we won!”

(Scene cuts to the TUVB arriving)

Nicole: “Let’s battle Joshua!”

(The team enters the dome)

Joshua: “Battle at your own risk!”

(Gelatin throws a freeze juice syringe at Joshua)

(Nicole uses her fire mallet to shatter Joshua into pieces, turning him into water as well)

(Title card: “Around 2 hours later…”)

(the other vehicles arrive)

Puffball: “We’re here!”

(Both teams enter the domes)

Pencil: “We have arrived.”

Pin: “Guess what, Pencil? We already won!”

(Amy B. is watching a video to see which team wins first)

(Both teams enter domes)

Gretchen: “Oh, great! Quinn’s here!”

(Leopold Slikk beats Gretchen up with a keyboard to win)

Flower: “Out of my way, I need my space!” (Beats Alison Riley up) “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

(The bosses are revived)

Alison: “Next time we meet, you’re mine!”

(All team members and vehicles are teleported near the hosts)

Jamie: “Flower Announcer, we have bad news and good news. Ze bad news is Flower’s team, ze Krabby Puffballs, are up for elimination! Ze good news is we’re giving immunity to Flower for defeating ze boss!”

Kiezer: “W.O.A.H. FreeSmart wins, the Terrific 30 came in second, and Ultra Chickenleg came in third. Peppermint Patty and Pin will also get split tokens.”

MePhone4S: “Viewers, it is now time to cast your valids. The contestant who gets the most votes will be eliminated. So vote on all of them!”

Episode 16: "Equilibrium"

Sam: “What is pink rectangle with yellow circle doing here?”

Flower Speaker Box: “You are up for elimination! Let’s see who will be eliminated!”

(The team walks to the elimination area. Clones of the other contestants are laughing.)

(Camera pans to the elimination area)

Flower Speaker Box: “We got 262 votes which is fewer than last time.”

Kiezer: “Well, whoever gets the most votes will not get today’s prize, which happens to be slices of a 23-sliced chunk of ice, and will be eliminated.”

Michele: “Does anyone want to use their split tokens?”

(Complete silence)

Kiezer: “OK, no split tokens for you!”

Jamie: “TV, show ze votes!”

(TV does so, with Midget Apple getting the most votes, at 62, and Puffball getting the fewest votes, at 1.)

Amy B.: “So yeah, Midget Apple is eliminated with a record amount of votes.”

(Midget Apple is teleported to the ROFL)

John: “Now that Midget Apple’s gone, you are the final 120 again.”

Jamie: “Let’s make ze show as fair as possible. Since ze Terrific 30 is hefty, and ze Krabby Puffballs are hefty on ze contrary, five people from Team Terrific 30 will join ze Krabby Puffballs! But ze contestants will not choose ze players, nor will ze viewers! Ze hosts will!”

Coiny: "I'd like to be on the LARGER team.”

Kiezer: “Let’s see, Peach, Daisy, Cute Pink, Dark Boomboxer, and Sonic, you are all joining the puffballs.”

(The said contestants move to the Krabby Puffballs)

Jamie: “What about ze other teams? Leshawna will join W.O.A.H. FreeSmart! As for ze current members of Team Terrific 30, if Kiezer didn’t call your names, you remain on ze team!”

Kiezer: “Wait, Team Krabby Puffballs needs one more team member.”

Nickel: “Baseball, get over here! You have to be on my team!”

Jamie: “Now all teams have 30 members each! Ze sixteenth contest is a tug of war contest! Only object show characters can participate! We will compete in a tournament bracket!”

MePhone4S: “Whichever team that loses both rounds will be up for elimination!”

Jamie: “Puffball, here is your advantage! All object show characters on your team can fly on you! You will start by battling ze Terrific 30! Go!”

(The object show characters from both teams are seen pulling a rope. The Krabby Puffballs easily win.)

Jamie: “Team Terrific 30 loses, and ze Krabby Puffballs win!”

(The object show characters from W.O.A.H. FreeSmart and Ultra Chickenleg are now seen pulling a rope.)

(Microphone screams, causing the members of W.O.A.H. FreeSmart to drop the rope)

Jamie: “Team Ultra Chickenleg wins! Whichever team wins zis round will be expecting a new player next episode!”

(Microphone screams again, causing the members of Krabby Puffballs to drop the rope)

Jamie: “Team Ultra Chickenleg wins! Whichever team loses zis round is up for elimination!”

(The object show characters from W.O.A.H. FreeSmart and Terrific 30 are seen pulling a rope. The strength of team W.O.A.H. FreeSmart causes the team to win)

Jamie: “Ze Terrific 30 is up for elimination! Viewers, vote ze members right now! Ze two most voted players will leave ze team! One will join ze chickenlegs!”

Episode 17: "Get Out Of The Box"

John: “Last episode, for the first time ever, the Terrific 30 came in last!”

Flower Speaker Box: “Let’s see who will be eliminated!”

(Camera pans to the elimination area)

Kiezer: “The two of you with the most votes will leave the team.”

Jamie: “One will join ze chickenlegs!”

Flower Speaker Box: “The other will be eliminated!”

MePhone4S: “Anyway, we received 161 votes, OK? That’s a lot fewer than last time!”

Teddy: “Well, the team has too many people with four eyes each! And they better not be safe with zero votes!”

Bryce: “You’re a four-eyes too!”

Kiezer: “Teddy and Bryce, do 70 chin-ups on the bar!”

Sherman: “Hey, you can’t do that!”

MePhone4S: “I just did!”

Kiezer: “Sherman, you’re joining them! 70 chin-ups with your triplet brothers!”

MePhone4S: “Moving on, the prizes are star coins!”

Teddy: “Remember what I said!”

Jamie: “Too bad! You owe me 110 now! Can I simplify my sentence?”

Plankton5165: “Go ahead.”

Jamie: “Safe at 0 votes is everyone with eyeglasses...”

All team members with eyeglasses: “Yeah!”

Jamie: “...except Bookworm Green…”

Bookworm Green: “Hey!”

Jamie: “...and Sophie ze Otter.”

Sophie the Otter: “Hey!”

Sherman: “Ha ha!”

Jamie: “Sherman, start over and do 130 chin-ups!”

(Flower Speaker Box flings Star Coins to Brittany, Kristin, Margo, and Catherine)

Amy B.: “Also at 0 votes is Ash’s alliance...”

Ash, Dawn, May, and Misty: “Yeah!”

Amy B.: “...with the exception of Dawn.”

Dawn: “Hey!”

(Flower Speaker Box flings Star Coins to Ash, May, and Misty)

John: “Plankton, Starlow, Scoops, Tails, Bridgette, and Vitalia, also no votes.”

(FSB flings Star Coins to the said six)

MePhone4S: “OK, the rest of you all got at least one vote.”

(FSB flings more Star Coins as the hosts calls more contestants safe)

Kiezer: “Bookworm Green, we’ll take it! You’re safe at one vote! Emmy, Kirby, and Mario, you also received one vote apiece, so you're safe! Alongside Nicole, Gelatin, and Gemma at 2 votes apiece!”

(Lights flash on the top 9 vote getters)

Bryce: (singsongly) “Ha ha! Sophie’s in the bottom 9!”

John: “Luigi and Dawn, you are both safe at three votes!”

Coiny: “Well, I just know I’m going to lose.”

Teddy: “Amy should!”

Jamie: “Well, she isn’t! She only got 5 votes!”

Bryce: “Oh boy! I can't wait to see Sophie get eliminated!”

Kiezer: “Well, Bryce, too bad! Sophie is safe at 7 votes! You should be doing chin-ups!”

Jamie: (breathes, then talks using a no cool, stern voice) “GO DO 230! NOW!!!”

(Bryce reluctantly does chin-ups)

Coiny: “You don't know how badly I wanna stay!”

John: “You can! You only received 9 votes!”

(Coiny catches his Star Coin)

Coiny: “I finally got a prize that’s the same species as me!”

Donut: “Coiny!”

Coiny: “What?”

Donut: “This isn’t funny!”

John: “Then I don’t think you can be the next safe!”

Donut: “Hey!”

John: “Just kidding! You are safe with 10 votes!”

Donut: “Yeah!”

Kiezer: “Blaze, Simon, and Squilliam, only one of you is safe. And that safe person is Squilliam, with 12 votes.”

Squilliam: “Yeah!”

Jamie: “Blaze and Simon, you received 50 and 51 votes respectively, and therefore both leave the team!”

(Camera pans to Blaze, Simon, and Team Ultra Chickenleg)

Kiezer: “Blaze and Simon, one of you will join Team Ultra Chickenleg! The other will be eliminated!”

Salli: “Simon! Come back to my team!”

Needle: “Yeah!”

Yandere Simulator Teacher: “I agree! If Blaze leaves, she can reunite with Silver, who isn’t even in the game.”

John: “Simon it is! Blaze, you have been eliminated!”

(Blaze is teleported to ROFL)

Amy B.: “Over 100 contestants remain!”

(Teddy begins to make frog noises everytime he does a chin-up)

(Jamie double-slaps Teddy in the face)

Jamie: “Start over, Teddy! You’re not a frog, you’re a human!”

(Teddy runs away)

(Bryce and Sherman do the same)

Amy B.: “You know what? The seventeenth contest is to capture the triplets! If your team captures none of them, it will be up for elimination! The players who find at least one of them will get split tokens! Ready, set, go!”

(Teddy, Bryce, and Sherman run like crazy, and the players chase after them.)

(Nicole, Brittany, and Kristin go together. They chase after Teddy, who hides in a box.)

Nicole: “Get out of the box.”

Teddy: “I don’t have to listen to you! You’re not my mother!”

(Brittany opens the box)

Teddy: (screams) “You are all nerds!”

Brittany: “Let’s close the box.” (She does so) “There’s a box carrier right there!”

(Microphone screams to stop Bryce and Sherman, and gets Bryce, while Snowball catches Sherman)

Sherman: “I thought you were gonna help me!”

Snowball: “Oh, I’ll help, all right!” (Ties Sherman up in tape)

(Nicole stops the box carrier at the room with the bar)

Nicole: “Get out of the box.”

(Teddy reluctantly gets out of the box)

Teddy: (screams) “The bar is back!”

Kristin: “That’s right! Now do 300 chin-ups on the bar!”

(Teddy reluctantly does 300 chin-ups)

(Microphone chases after Bryce, and screams, causing him to flinch. Microphone screams while sending him to the room with the bar.)

(TV is displaying how many chin-ups each triplet has done, and how many chin-ups each triplet needs to do)

(Snowball also sends Sherman to the room)

Sherman: “Why don’t you get me out-”

Snowball: “Shush! Shut it!"

Jamie: "Sherman, you will do 400 chin-ups on the bar!”

(Snowball unravels the tape)

Sherman: "I'm free!"

Jamie: “You heard what I said! Do 400 chin-ups!”

Amy B.: “I guess Kristin, Nicole, Brittany, Microphone, and Snowball all win split tokens. They also get another reward. They get to choose a player from any team to join their team.”

Brittany: “Let’s choose a female object show character this time. Let’s choose Flower! She’ll become less of an enemy!”

Flower: “Yes!”

Amy B.: “So, Pencil’s team, W.O.A.H. FreeSmart, is up for their second elimination. The two most voted will leave the team, and one will join the Terrific 30.”

Episode 18: "Teen Payback"

Kiezer: “Last episode, Kristin, Brittany, Nicole, Snowball, and Microphone all forced the Langbroek triplets into the room! The triplets were supposed to do hundreds of chin-ups on the bar! Therefore, W.O.A.H. FreeSmart lost!”

(Camera pans to the elimination area with the hosts, W.O.A.H. FreeSmart, and five stacked chunks of ice with six slices each)

Jamie: “Zis time, we received 410 votes, a record high! Ze two of you with ze most votes will leave ze team! One will also join ze Terrific 30!”

Flower Speaker Box: “The other will be eliminated!”

Kiezer: “Guess what? All of you got at least 6 votes! Match is safe at 6 votes!”

Match: “Yeah!” (Match gets attacked in the face by a slice of an ice chunk)

MePhone4S: “Peppermint Patty, Pin, Book, Funky Kong, Leshawna, and Spyro the Dragon, you six are also safe! Alongside Bow, Longator, Sidney, Bubble, Pencil, and Balloon!”

Kiezer: “N received 10 votes, and Stuart Minion, Bomby, and Ashley received 11.”

Jamie: “Pearl Krabs is at 12, Bubbles is at 13, and Lysandre is at 14! We also have a four-way tie at 15 votes each! It’s between DK, Woody, Ruby, and Giovanni! So now it’s down to ze final five!”

Kiezer: “Ice Cube is safe at 17 votes, and Yin-Yang is safe at 18 votes!”

Yin-Yang: (Yin) “Yes!” (Yang) “No!”

John: “Yandere-chan received 21 votes! And that means Metal Sonic and Starscream, with 47 and 49 votes respectively, both leave the team!”

(Camera pans)

Jamie: “Metal Sonic and Starscream, it’s up to ze Terrific 30 to decide who stays and who leaves!”

Todd Ming: “Well, they’re both antagonists.”

Plankton: “Starscream is too big!”

Nicole: “We would rather have Metal Sonic! He could probably run faster than anyone!”

Brittany: “I agree.”

John: “Starscream, this is the end.”

(Starscream is teleported outside the ROFL)

Jamie: “With Starscream gone, you are ze final 114.”

Joshua: “What’s Kristin Langbroek doing in the game?”

Orla Patterson: “I know, right? She’s a four-eyes! Does the Terrific 30 have all the four-eyes?”

Joshua: “No, Quinn is on Ultra Chickenleg. What about MePhone4S?”

Orla: “He’s a four-eyes too!”

MePhone4S: “Shut up!”

Amy: (gasps) “Orla and Joshua, do 600 chin-ups!”

Joshua: “No way, Jose!”

(Jamie and Kiezer banish Joshua and Orla, respectively, to their perspective glass boxes with bars in it using the perspective box carriers)

Joshua: (while being sent) “Fruits don’t belong in this stupid room.” (after being sent) “I don’t have the guts to be in there anyway.”

MePhone4S: “If you don’t shut up, I’ll multiply your chin-ups by two!”

Joshua: “Nobody will like you-”

MePhone4S: “That’s it! Your chin-ups have been multiplied!”

(Joshua tries to find a door)

Kiezer: “Joshua, what are you doing?”

Joshua: “I’m trying to get out!”

Kiezer: “There’s no escaping! You’re doing 1200 chin-ups during the 18th challenge!”

Eraser: “Which is…?”

(Complete silence)

John: “The 18th challenge is to stop Joshua and Orla from doing the 1200 chin-ups quicker while they’re doing them as fast as they can!”

Joshua: “Ha ha!”

Kiezer: “Contestants will either take the conveyor belt that sends them back, or break the huge brick. Doing so will allow them to enter the elevator, which sends them to the floor where they could pour water on them using buckets.”

Amy B.: “The first contestant to get to the higher floor wins a split token. This episode, teams will temporarily pair up.”

John: “The Terrific 30 and Krabby Puffballs will battle Joshua, and W.O.A.H. FreeSmart and Ultra Chickenleg will battle Orla. If your target does the 1200 chin-ups first, your team loses.”

Nicole: “Who’s gonna count all the chin-ups?”

Kiezer: “TV! Ready, set, go!”

(Nicole heads toward the brick)

Nicole: “If I break this, everyone should be able to pass.”

(Nicole breaks the brick with a mallet. Then, she heads to the elevator. The bricks are repaired.)

Nicole: “How did that happen?”

(The elevator closes and sends Nicole to the higher floor.)

(Nicole receives a split token. She grabs a bucket of water and pours it on Joshua)

Joshua: “Yo, Passion Fruit, guess what?”

Passion Fruit: “What?”

Joshua: “Nicole.”

(Passion Fruit and Future Orange start screaming)

Future Orange: “Hey.”

Joshua: “Psych.” (laughs)

Passion Fruit: “Who do you think you are mocking Grapefruit?”

Brittany: “Nicole’s on the other floor! Are you out of your mind?” (heads over to the obstacle course. Metal Sonic comes with her alongside Puffball.)

(TV shows how many chin-ups Joshua and Orla did and how many they need to do)

Joshua: “You never accuse me before!”

Snowball: “Shush! Shut it!”

(Snowball goes to the obstacle course. In the room, Brittany and Metal Sonic pass through the conveyor belt. Puffball just flies over it.)

Snowball: “Out of my way!” (Pushes the brick out of the way. He gets in the elevator with Brittany, Metal Sonic, and Puffball, sending them to the top floor.)

Plankton5165: “Is the water filtered?”

MePhone4S: “No!”

Plankton5165: “Good!”

Joshua: “What? That means they’re pouring unfiltered water on me!”

Jamie: “You deserve it well.”

(Ruby goes to the left side, while the rest of the alliance goes to the right side)

Pencil: “Ruby! Come with us!”

Joshua: “Wrong way, doofus!”

(Ruby starts to cry)

Pencil: “OK, I’m sorry, Ruby. Just come with us already.”

Yin-Yang: (Yang) “Ha! Take this, losers!” (Runs to the left obstacle course. The two begin fighting, managing to make it past the conveyor belt.)

(Ruby pours the water on the floor)

Pencil: “Ruby! Into the hole!”

Ruby: “Sorry!” (pours the water into the hole, wetting Orla)

(Yin-Yang enters the elevator and is sent to the second floor. He gets a bucket of water and pours it on Joshua)

Brittany: “Hey, you came here to help us?”

Yin-Yang: (Yin) “Yes! I mean, no! This is the wrong side of the floor!” (Yang) “No, I’m pretty sure it is the right side of the floor!” (grabs another bucket and pours it on Joshua) (Yin) “OK, that time was on purpose.” (Yang) “So was the last time! Idiot!”

(In fast motion, we see how many chin-ups Joshua and Orla did on TV’s screen, until Orla did 1200)

MePhone4S: “That’s it! W.O.A.H. FreeSmart and Ultra Chickenleg are up for elimination!”

Flower Speaker Box: “Vote all of members from both teams right now! Whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated!”

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