Is someone private RPing with your girl? Did they mention an ogrerated fictional character? Copy and paste the following messages:

Igor the Mii

King kay kay you bad user that's it this is it that's the final straw, last straw I swear to god you have finally made me reach my peak im going to destroy your otter-infested miserable life. All you do is private rp with my girl, sophie that's all you do 24/7/365 well I had enough KK. I am going to finish you off here and now before you cause any more trouble you lazy bad user. Goodbye kay kay kool seven twennny, you will not be missed. i cant take this anymore you're worthless i wish i can take you to a subway tunnel and beat you to a pulp for 9 minutes straight you useless slobbering creepy mickey adore hater. i hate you KK. i oughta put you in a boot camp targeted 4 naughty mean bois like youh. my life was so much better w/o you. STOP PRIVATE RPING WITH SOPHIE AND LOOK AT ME IN THE EYE YOU CONNIVING TWO FACED ADMIN

Sophie the Otter

No offense (name), but you're getting on my final nerves. You don't want to make me angry, do you. You better respect my opinion, or else I'll consult Jamiem2001, KingKool720, Igor, and Oliverwestern. You're grounded for 554565653243232 years! That means no PB&J Otter, no Chick-Fil-A, no everything! As I'm typing this, you better prepare for the Water Storm. The Water Storm that will perish your whatsocalled "life." I've had it. I'm done with you. Don't even start. Don't think about it. This is the last straw. I'm gonna send my cousins, PB&J to your house, you freaking Mary Sue! KK and I's RPing skills will REK you! From now on, you'll type in, "I will obey the rules and I am a good user" 50 times on your message wall everyday. STOP GIGGLING AT MY MESSAGE AND READ MY MESSAGE YOU OVERRATED CHARACTER.

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