Waluigi is a tall and skinny man who is usually a nefarious prankster. His best friend is Wario and he deeply hates the Mario Bros., but mostly Luigi.

In Creation Wiki canon, Waluigi is the Wonderfun version of Luigi. He slaved in the mines along with his brother, Wario. Sometime in 1992, they got sick of it and concocted a plan to escape. They buttered up Iogr the Mii by giving him several tons of pizza. They then betrayed him by making him pay the bill. Iogr then banished them from the Wonderfun Dimension. They did this knowing they would be exiled, and went to the land of Toadstool.

He is the main protagonist of Super Smash Bros. WAA's Subspace Emisarry and the main antagonist of Five Nights at Waluigi's, a parody of Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Wario's.


  • A group is dedicated to Waluigi.
  • He is enemies with Shrek, and their rivalry grows more intense every day.
  • He is shown to levitate in Super Smash Bros. WAA.
  • In the Wonderfun Dimension, Waluigi's name was spelt Wahluigi.