Wonderfun Dimension pollution is the Wonderfun Dimension's variation of pollution. The pollution is so strong all citizens are required at birth to have an implant in their throat as to filter out Iogrsmoke and neutralize it.

How red the sky is


Most of the pollution is caused by mass factories used to produce Iogrbombs. These factories are blocky and big and take up nearly 45% of the entire Iogrearth.

  • The water is a blackish goop due to Iogroil being dumped in it minutely.
  • The sky is crimson red as a result of testing Iogrbombs exploding in the stratosphere.
  • All oxygen is toxic as all trees were replaced with genetically modified Iogrtrees. Instead of sap produce grease and instead of nuts they produce Hershey's Kisses.

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