Wonderfun RPG: The Fad War is a turn-based roleplaying game developed by TheChromePerson and released on August 26, 2015. The game is the first out of the Wonderfun Trilogy.


In the Wonderfun Dimension, Iogr the Iogrlord decides to get his slave scientists to make portals to other dimensions only to drop "Iogrbombs" in them which encase and then freeze the entire dimension in icy grease. Now the heroes from the normal dimension must stop Iogr before the Wonderfun Dimension is the only one. This battle between the regular dimension and the normal dimension is known as the Fad War.


The battle gameplay is turn-based and 3D, slightly similar to Pokémon X and Y. The overworld is populated by lots of NPCs and scenery. The characters the player can control in their party are Igor the Mii, Chrome, Sophie the Otter and KingKool720, with extra members being Pingy, Peanut, Butter, Jelly, Eric, PC GuyBarney and Rin Kagamine.

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